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Author Topic: Unparalleled-RSPS Offical Rules  (Read 187 times)

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Unparalleled-RSPS Offical Rules
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:06:10 AM »

1 - Any Form of Harassment of other members will not be tolerated; this includes excessive banter/flame, sexual harassment, discriminating harassment and overly excessive retaliative behavior

2 - Any Form of Spamming will not be tolerated; this includes spamming to gain another user's attention, spamming for the sake of being a nuisance, excessive off-topic discussions in non-relative channels.

3 - Any Form of Advertisement will not be tolerated in our server, discord, or forums; this includes advertising through your username, advertising communities without our approval, links to an RSPS that is not Unparalleled, any kind of discord invites, private messaging links to other RSPS' or discord invites to members of Unparalleled and mentioning other RSPS' names

4 - Any Form of Discrimination will not be tolerated in our server; this includes discrimination against age, disabilities, national origin, race/color, religion, retaliative and sex (gender)

5 - Be respectful to players and staff members. If you want to be respected, be the first to show some.

6 - Do not impersonate staff members or other players

7 - Do not leak other's private information

8 - Do not post Pornography/Offensive/Inappropriate material

9 - Do not tell staff members how to do their job - you're not a staff member (Don't backseat moderate)

10 - Do not ask for staff

11 - Do not threaten the well-being of any asset of Unparalleled - in doing so you will sign your own banhammer

12. Real World Trading - Selling, buying, or attempting to sell/buy anything non-Unparalleled related for Unparalleled currency or real life currency will result in an immediate ban from the server.

13. Buying/Selling Accounts - If found buying or selling Unparalleled accounts, the account involved will be permanently banned.