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Forum Rank Explanations
« on: January 16, 2019, 11:26:09 AM »


The Owner is the founder of Unparalleled who will keep our website, forums, and server up and running.

Manager is responsible for the staff team. They are obligated to manage the staff team and deal with any staff related issues (staff reports.) It is the second most important role.

Administrators are members of staff who have access to in-game and forums Admin Control Panels. They handle most support that cannot be handled by Global Moderators. Administrators will assist players in complex situations & administrate the server/forums, help lower staff ranks out under circumstances.

Global Moderators are member of the staff who are focused on moderating both in-game and forums. Global Moderators have to handle player reports, appeals, monitor in-game/forums, and guide Server Moderators as they essentially are the right-hand to administrators.

Forum Moderators are member of the staff who are focused on moderating the forums. They have to ensure no forums rules are broken, issues warning to any wrongdoers, and monitor the content. They will primarily deal with forum related reports.

Server Moderators are former Server Helpers who have a willingness to do more for Unparalleled. These Moderators are tasked with in-game responsibilities and moderating such as; issuing jails, mutes, bans, handling reports and appeals, and making sure that all rules are being enforced.

Server Helpers are active players who have extensive knowledge about the server. These helpers work alongside with Moderators by helping players with the best of their ability. A strong server helper team makes a great difference for the moderators. Once requirements are met, feel free to apply for Server Helper.

Ex-Staff are members of the community who are no longer apart of the staff team. This rank is obtainable for those who have reached a moderator or have been a server helper for longer than a month.

Veterans are members of Unparalleled who have been around the community for awhile. It is a respected rank and can only be approved by administrators+.

YouTubers are members who have met the requirements and created a variety of content for our community.

GFX Designers are members of the community who provide artwork by posting it on forums. They mostly provide unofficial graphic design to the community. This rank can be obtained if the requirements are met.

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